IAC 2003 Knowns

2003 Primary SequencePrimary

2003 Sportsman KnownSportsman

2003 Intermediate KnownIntermediate

2003 Advanced KnownAdvanced

2003 Unlimited KnownUnlimited

If you have Visio and Alan Cassidy's Aresti program, you can download and print a file with all 4 knowns. To download the file click the RIGHT mouse button, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, choose "Save Target As", Netscape users select "Save Link As":

2003KnownsAll.vsd (file size 635KB)

You can also download all the 2003 Knowns in various formats on the IAC National's site at http://members.iac.org/knowns/2003_Knowns.html.

We still have the last 2 year's Known sequences posted at:

2002 Knowns
2001 Knowns

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